Castle Community Bank Story

Where it all started

Castle Community Bank was formed late in 2015 following the merger of two long established credit unions: Castle and North Edinburgh, along with the members of the Water of Leith Credit Union Study Group. The study group was set up with the aim of establishing a Credit Union in Leith.

Castle Community Bank has built on this proud heritage to extend its reach to people across Edinburgh and the Lothians, and now across Scotland.

We may not be as big as the well known ‘high street’ or ‘challenger’ bank brands, or even other community savings and loans providers, but the Board is committed to growing the organisation, and developing the range of products and services it can offer.

We offer savings and loans to anyone who lives or works within the ‘EH’ postcode area. If you’re looking for an alternative home for your savings and loans, Castle Community Bank could be for you.

Our products are similar to what you’d find at a bank but our ethos is very different. We don’t have shareholders. We are a financial co-operative: an organisation jointly owned and run by its members where members pool their savings to lend to one another. We’re here to provide a financial community accessible to everyone.

As well as being a financial co-operative, we’re also a social enterprise. This means appealing to those who want to benefit their neighbours, improving the financial understanding and empowerment of people in the use of money and the management of their financial affairs, as well as reaching out to those excluded from accessing affordable financial products and have no option but to use high cost credit.

We want to break the cycle of debt.

Our Focus


We have to be accessible to people in a way that suits them; be it 24/7 online, face to face in branch or during the day over the phone.

Our Focus


We have to offer a range of prodcuts to suit our member’s needs. Whether it’s an emergency loan to fix a broken washing machine, a fixed rate savings account for those who are looking for more for their money, or a loan for £7,000 for a new kitchen. Whatever it is everything we offer is simple no-nonsense.

Our Focus


Core to our ethos is lending at fair, affordable rates and doing so responsibly.

Our Focus

Financial Institution

Maintaining this focus will ensure that Castle Community Bank is a financially strong and sustainable organisation – making a difference by delivering economic and social benefits to people who live or work within the ‘EH’ postcode area. We want to promote financial inclusion and end financial exploitation.

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